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Artificial Muscles

Artificial muscles are actuators that closely imitate the contraction and expansion of biological muscles. ERI of Bangor, ME, makes artificial muscles for a host of applications. ERI also continues to conduct regular limited product development and services on shape memory alloys (SMA), actuators, and artificial muscles. Contact us for your specific artificial muscle needs.

7-Assortment of Bending Polymeric Artificial Micro-Muscles

Environmental Robots, Inc. is pleased to announce an exciting new product comprising eight tiny micro-muscles (in a few hundredths of microns range) in an assortment. This assortment package includes eight (8) different samples of Ionic Polymeric Metal Composite (IPMCs) artificial micro-muscles of a thickness of 20-30 microns and lengths of a few mms. The bending and flexing polymeric, artificial micro-muscles, which are also micro-sensors and micro-transducers are primarily for actuation in air, but they also do work in a wet polar liquid environment, water, blood, biological tissue, and ionic liquid environment. Typically, the bending/flexing artificial muscles in a cantilever mode have a tip motion of about 100's of microns per millivolt. These bending/flexing micro-muscles can also respond to various dynamic voltage signals such as sinusoidal, square wave, triangular wave, sawtooth wave in a linear manner under robotic supervisory control. If they are bent, flexed, or squeezed, they generate a few microvolts. These are exciting micro-muscles for scientists and engineers dealing with MEMS, NEMS, nano-bio, and biomedical research.

8-Fibrous Contractile Artificial Muscle Package

This package includes an assortment of two fibrous, chemically contractile (over 100% linear strain) fiber bundles of six and 20 polyacrylonitriles (PAN) fibers + two fibrous electrochemically contractile (over 20% linear strain) PAN fiber bundles of 20 strands, interlaced with graphite fibers, and a dynamic variable voltage/frequency and dynamic voltage frequency signal generator. PAN Gels (muscles) are FDA approved for cervical dilation for pregnant women during delivery and are commercially available and knows as DILAPAN.

Special offer with a 10% discount in general and an additional 10% discount for academic and research institutions.

9-ERI Laminated Sheet Batteries (IPMCs as Energy Harvesters)

These sheet batteries are made with ionic polymer metal composites (IPMC), are self-powered by harvesting energy from the random dynamic motion of their environment, and do not need ever to be recharged. They come in sheets of different dimensions and electrical power output with electrodes attached to them ready to use. Customers interested in this product, please let us know the desired dimensions and power output, and we will quote you a price and delivery timeline for your desired outcome.

Contact ERI at (207) 478 9383 or email for pricing.

10-ERI Joints and Muscles Power Augmentation Systems

These power augmentation systems, which will be either free-standing or embedded in jackets, coats, pants, sleeves, or boots, are designed and fabricated for people with joint and muscle power deficiencies and disabilities such as paraplegics, quadriplegics, elderly and the disabled people. They will enable the user to convert a minimal force or energy to many orders of magnitude (typically four orders of magnitude) greater strength and energy to perform tasks that they are generally not equipped to perform. Customers interested in this product, please let us know the desired application or attire, and we will quote you a price and delivery timeline for the integrated system.

Contact ERI at (207) 478 9383 for pricing.

11-Custom Made Special Order of Polymeric Artificial Muscles

Tell us what types of artificial muscle configurations or system you wish to have (size, shape, function, voltage requirement, range of motion, variety of forces, frequency requirement, etc.) and any desired systems integration, and we will quote you a price and a timeline to deliver according to your specifications. Customers with specific R&D requirements should contact ERI. We have the capabilities to meet your needs.

Contact ERI at (207) 478 9383 for pricing.